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Powerful cost accounting tools, integrated to maximize efficiency.

For over 30 years, Cascade Software Systems has provided its clients with an integrated cost and project accounting system that incorporates all significant accounting modules for a government agency. This includes time tracking, payables, equipment usage, work orders, material usage and inventory, and the necessary cost distribution ledgers to receive the itemized costs (Projects, Budgets, Vehicles, Roads, Bridges, Facilities, and much more). WinCAMS eliminates duplicate data entry wherever possible by utilizing electronic interfaces and data transfers with numerous 3rd party systems.

Government Cost Accounting

WinCAMS operates seamlessly side-by-side with other financial applications and has the advantage of being able to provide more detailed information in a more timely manner. The program also allows you to automate complex functions such as reimbursable billing procedures, work flow management, month-end and year-end management and operational reports, and State and Federal filings.

Experience / Clients

Because of its flexibility, ease of use and adaptability, WinCAMS is used successfully by a variety of government agencies such as Fleet Departments, Resource Management Agencies, Solid Waste, Facilities, Sheriff’s Offices, and Fire Districts.

While some of these agencies are mandated by auditors to track and report costs, many others choose to track their costs for reimbursable billing, grant & funding source auditing and solicitation, or just a desire to analyze and report to their constituents where their money is being spent.

California: WinCAMS is currently in production in at least one agency in 44 (of 58) California Counties.

Washington: In 2003, the Washington State Association of County Engineers (WSACE) representing all 39 Washington State counties, after an exhaustive search and system evaluation process that lasted more than a year, selected WinCAMS as the preferred Cost Accounting and Maintenance Management system for Washington State Road, Bridge and Public Works Departments. Currently 28 WA County DPW agencies use WinCAMS.

Oregon: 4 Oregon County agencies use WinCAMS.


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