WinCAMS Overview

What is WinCAMS?

WinCAMS – Cost Accounting Management System is an automated, modular Cost and Project Accounting System originally designed and developed for Public Works and Road Departments.

Cost Accouting Apps

WinCAMS consists of up to thirty-five (35) modules that are fully integrated to provide a highly-efficient cost accounting system that delivers timely and accurate information to its users in a safe and secure environment. Information is captured once (single source data entry) and all incoming data is extensively edited for accuracy and validity.

WinCAMS installed at a Public Works / Road & Bridge Department provides options to distribute all costs to any of the items listed below:

  • Activity Codes: Activity-based Cost Accounting: Costs by Activity (Task) Codee
  • Projects: Project Ledger: Billing, Grants, Funding Sources
  • Roads and Routes: Maintenance History and Costs by Road (with Mileposts)
  • Bridges: Maintenance History and Costs by Bridge
  • Vehicles Nos & Repair Orders: Maintenance History and Costs by Vehicle / Repair Order
  • Service Requests: Costs of each Service Request: Billing, Tracking
    • Facilities: Track all Work Activity on Buildings and County Property
    • Roads & Bridge Operations:
      • Track Work Orders by Road and Bridge
      • Track Work Orders by Sanitary Sewer Node
      • Track Work Orders by Storm Sewer Node
      • Track Work Orders by Water Account No (Meter Address)
    • Radio Shop: Track Work Orders by Communication Asset Unit

Why WinCAMS?

WinCAMS, because of its adaptability and flexibility, has also been implemented at many City and County Departments other than Public Works, such as:

  • Facilities / Building Maintenance
  • Fleet Services / Garage
  • Solid Waste
  • Utilities (Water & Sewer Districts)
  • Engineering
  • Fire
  • Sheriff
  • Agriculture
  • Water Resources
  • Community Development
  • Resource Management Agency


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