WinCAMS is a government cost accounting system at heart. In order to accomplish robust government cost accounting, we have expanded our offerings to over 30 integrated modules. These modules track the details of each agency so that we can accurately help with their cost accounting. For instance, a major cost of many agencies is equipment usage. In order to track equipment usage, we need have a list of all the equipment and their usage rate(s). Most of our clients then find themselves discovering that the WinCAMS fleet module is a robust fleet system itself — work orders, PM services, Fuel and fuel cards, odometer tracking, warranty tracking, photos, equipment linking, and much more. Many of our modules have similarly grown well beyond cost tracking.

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With such broad and diverse offerings, we have partnered with each of our client agencies to learn about their needs and how to adapt our software to fit. Any WinCAMS user will tell you that it is a relationship. Our software has countless options and usage methodologies developed over the years to fit the varying needs of our clients. We continue to learn from our new and existing clients each year, looking to integrate more seamlessly into their business protocol, share knowledge we have gained from other agencies, and improve our software.

All our new client contracts include appropriate on-site analysis and training during the implementation period. Once the client site is up and running smoothly, we are also available to visit as needed for training, or provide remote webinar training for client staff on request. Many of our clients take advantage of these offerings during employee turnover, or as their agency grows and they dig deeper into the modules of WinCAMS.

WinCAMS doesn’t stay static, and neither do our clients. We are always working to improve our software based on what we are learning about our clients. Sometimes, changing agency needs lead to change order requests. We analyze the issue raised by the client, and if it is outside the current scope of our offerings, we work with the client to come up with a reasonable change order and description of work. Most of our clients find that these projects are completed in a matter of days or weeks, and we fine tune the finished product until we are certain that the client is satisfied.

Each year, we host at least one User Group Conference. This is a great opportunity to see what’s new in WinCAMS, meet other users, and interact with the most experienced and knowledgeable CSS staff. The conference includes tutorials, how-to’s, and vibrant discussions of how best to use software to solve the unique and shared challenges our clients are facing.

Many software companies are hard to reach after the software is in place–either unresponsive or only making inexperienced tech support or analysts available to their existing users. We pride ourselves on flexibility, experience, and customer service. We encourage prospective clients to ask our current clients whether we pick up the phone or promptly respond to email questions in detail, because we are confident in the answer.


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