Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get WinCAMS for my government agency?

You can contact Ayren Spinner for question about CAMS and to setup demos of the software. We also have a demo website that we give customers with serious interest access to to give CAMS a test drive.

What is an ISM agreement?

An ISM agreement is a service contract provided by CSS to it’s customers where in CSS IT staff handles CAMS update support for the customer. Generally this applies to customers whose Internal IT is to small or under staffed to handle the update process or those customers who like a more hands on approach form their software vendor.

What is WinCAMS?

A Cost Accounting Management System (CAMS) is a system for the detailed tracking of inventory and budgets of any kind. Cascade Software Systems WinCAMS software has been specifically designed to help Government agencies with the monumental task of keeping track of all expenditures and assets to allow them to maximize their budgets while staying within strict governmental reporting rules.


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