Accounts Receivable

WinCAMS features a comprehensive Accounts Receivable module to track Clients, a history of all their Charges (Invoices), Payments and Adjustments (Debit / Credit Memos). After Invoices are entered (manually) or created (automatically by CAMS as a result of automated billing procedures) special, customized Invoice forms are printed and sent to the clients. Module supports standard A/R reports including Aging Report and Label printing.

WinCAMS - Government Cost Accounting
The A/R module provides the following functionality:
  • A/R Clients: summary Account balances; detailed audit trail of all Invoices, Payments and Adjustments; and Notes.
  • A/R Invoices
    • Manually entered as new Invoice documents;
    • Created by CAMS as part of automated billing procedures:
      • Projects: reimbursable project billing.
      • Facilities: billing for charges incurred by Facilities Department for other Departments.
      • Fleet: billing for reimbursable Fleet maintenance work and expenses.
      • Service Requests: billing for reimbursable Work Orders (Service Requests).
    • Printed out on customized Invoice form formats including logos, etc.
  • A/R Payments
    • Manually entered as an offset to previously invoiced charges.
    • Optionally used to print Auditor Deposit forms and interface to Auditor’s Office.
  • A/R Adjustments
    • Debit / Credit memos: adjustments and corrections to Client Balances and / or A/R Invoices / Payments.
  • Month-end Statements: optional ability to print summary of each A/R Account No’s monthly activity with aged balance amounts.


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