Budget Expenditures Ledger

WinCAMS Budget Expenditures Ledger is used as a departmental budget system and to reconcile WIinCAMS to the Auditor’s Office. The Chart of Accounts is very flexible and adaptable; for each Budget Account No the following transaction types are tracked across multiple Fiscal Years:

Budget Expenditures
  • Appropriations: available budget amount – Original Appropriations and Appropriations Adjustments.
  • Expenditures: all expenditure transactions for each Account No.
  • Encumbrances: commitments to Vendors (i.e. Purchase Orders and Contracts) are processed so that financial reporting includes not only actual Expenditures but also future Expenditures.
  • Carry-Over from previous Fiscal Years: unpaid or partially paid Encumbrances at year-end can be carried forward into the new Fiscal Year as Prior Year Appropriations and tracked separately from Current Year Appropriations.

Program allows for entry of Next Year’s Appropriations amounts and rolls them forward to create Appropriations in the New Year as part of year-end procedures.


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