Estimates, Bids, and Contracts

WinCAMS Engineering module provides screens and reports to track the following major functional areas outlined below. All authorized users can share available entries so for example Estimates can be copied from one Project to another Project.

  • Estimates for new Projects (unlimited # of Estimates for each Project / creation of Official Engineer’s Estimate)
    • Contract Line Items (Contract)
      • All projected Contract Line Items (e.g. Mobilization, etc.) specifying Quantities, Unit of Measure, estimated Unit Cost, and total Cost.
      • If Project is put out to Bid: Contract Line Items become the Bid Schedule; and if Bid is awarded to a Contractor they become the Contract’s Line Items.
      • Each Estimate can be subdivided into any number of Phases (e.g. multiple Roads, Pump Stations, etc.).
      • Each Estimate makes use of an online list of Standard Line Items published by State Transportation Agencies (i.e. CALTRANS, WSDOT, ORDOT, etc.).
      • Additional Line Item options include Sales Tax, Non-Bid entries (Amount is fixed for all Contractors), and English / Metric Units of Measure.
    • Other Direct
      • Additional non-Contract Line Items considered to be Direct Costs such as Advertising, Environmental Studies, etc.
      • Line Items can be entered with Quantity and Unit Cost, or as a Percent of Contract.
    • Indirect
      • Additional non-Contract Line Items considered to be Indirect Costs such as (internal) Engineering Costs, etc.
      • Line Items can be entered with Quantity and Unit Cost, or as a Percent of Total Direct (= Contract + Other Direct).
    • Cost Distribution
      • Funding Sources: State, Federal, Local and Miscellaneous Sources for Funding.
      • G/L Account Nos used to make (future) Contractor progress payments.
  • Bids
    • Ability to combine multiple Estimates into a single Bid Schedule
    • Print and distribute (Original) Bid Schedule to Contractors for Bid Submittal (hard copy, printed Bid Schedule with an optional Spreadsheet version)
    • Process (multiple) Addenda to modify existing or add new Line Items
    • Print and distribute (Revised) Bid Schedule
    • Process (enter or import Spreadsheet) all Contractor Responses thus creating Bid Tabulation (Low à High Bidder)
  • Contracts
    • Award / Creation of Contracts automatically from winning (Contractor) Bid Response
    • Contract Change Orders (unlimited): modify existing Line Items and / or add new Line Items.
    • Process Payments (unlimited): Error Reporting on Over Payments requiring Change Orders
    • Retention: program computes and track Contract Retention amounts
    • Contract Completion Percentages
    • Work Schedule: Contract Work Days with the ability to print Weekly Statement of Work
    • Delivery Tickets: ability to track all Delivery Tickets from various haulers and auto-create Payment entry from (unpaid) Delivery Ticket totals
    • Creation of Contract Daily Report: summary of Weather, Work Activities, and Resource Category (i.e. Flaggers, Equipment, etc.) usage for each Contract Line Item


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