Vehicles & Equipment

WinCAMS Vehicles and Equipment module provides a comprehensive Fleet Operations module that includes special screens, forms and reports for all major functional areas:

  • Vehicles & Equipment
  • Repair Orders
  • Fuel / Card Lock
  • PM Services
  • Motor Pool
Vehicle screens provide all pertinent information required for effective fleet management:
  • General Vehicle information: Year, Make, Model, License No, Serial No, Category, Purchase Price and Date, Status, Fuel Type, Smog Code, etc.
  • Assignment History: Budget Unit or Department the Vehicle is assigned to with historical records using Effective Dates
  • Ownership: Motor Pool, County, Public Works, etc.
  • Depreciation options for original Purchase and any added Accessories
  • Flexible Vehicle Usage Rates for Regular Usage, Reimbursable Usage, FEMA, etc.
  • Motor Pool Usage Rates for Motor Pool Billing procedures (e.g. Daily, Monthly, Hourly rates for O&M, Depreciation, Replacement, etc.)
  • Cost Totals for all pertinent O&M categories such as Parts, Tires, Fuel, Shop Labor, Shop Overhead, etc. – month to date, year to date and life to date totals
  • Cost Totals for all pertinent non-O&M categories such as Depreciation, Replacement, Insurance, Accidents, etc. – month to date, year to date and life to date totals
  • Revenue Totals for O&M, Depreciation, Replacement, Insurance, etc.
  • Usage Totals (from Timecards Equipment Usage): Hours / Miles and Usage Amounts
  • Reimbursables: automatically bill for reimbursable Vehicle expenditures by way of:
    • A/R Invoices: Agencies outside of county government
    • Journal Vouchers (i.e. Fund Transfers): Agencies within county government
  • PM Services
    • Ability to track and schedule PM work (e.g. “A” Service: every 3 months or 3000 miles, “B” Service: every 6 months or 6000 miles, etc.)
    • History of all PM services performed
  • Vehicle Performance: Cost per Mile and Miles per Gallon (both current Fiscal Year and Life to Date)
  • Parts / Specifications Cross Reference: an unlimited cross-index of all relevant part numbers and / or part specifications for Engine Serial, Engine Model, Transmission Serial, Transmission Model, Rear Axle Serial, Tire Size Front and Rear, Filter – Lube, Filter – Coolant, etc.
  • Pending Repairs: deferred maintenance work, recalls, etc.
  • Warranties
  • Linked Equipment: ability to (temporarily and repeatedly) “link” multiple pieces of Equipment together so that they are all charged out properly (e.g. dump trucks that are equipped with blade and sand spreader for usage as winter snow plough trucks).
  • History of all Repair Orders for each Vehicle
  • Notes
  • Photos
Online Repair Orders are used to create Work Orders for mechanics and keep track of labor hours by mechanic, parts issued to each Vehicle, cost of repairs, etc. Each Repair Order provides the following options:
  • Date, Odometer, Reason for Repairs, etc.
  • Work to be Performed: free form text
  • PM Services performed
  • Maintenance Codes: list of codes describing recurring Maintenance work such as Lube & Oil, Rotate Tires, etc.
  • Mechanic Labor: all mechanics hours, rates and costs
  • Parts: both stock and non-stock parts usage
  • Fees and Miscellaneous Charges: all miscellaneous fees
To properly track Fuel consumption and costs the following options are provided:
  • Card Lock Interface options (exist for many popular Fuel vendors such as PetroVend, Gasboy, etc.): fuel transactions are automatically imported from an electronic file and no data entry is required.
  • Manual entry of Fuel & Oil Usage: for example for Credit Card purchases of Fuel.
Preventive Maintenance Scheduling is available and has a number of flexible and adaptable features:
  • PM Services organized by Vehicle Categories (maximum flexibility)
    • Time Interval: e.g. every 90 days, 6 months, 1 year, 3 years, etc.
    • Odometer Interval: e.g. every 6,000 miles, 9,000 miles, etc.
    • Hours Interval: e.g. every 150 hours, 250 hours, etc.
  • Default Maintenance Codes and Work Instructions for Mechanics
  • History of all performed PM Services
WinCAMS provides Motorpool programs that:
  • Track usage of Motorpool Vehicles: both assigned (to a single Department) and unassigned Vehicles.
  • Prepares Billing reports and statements to Departments itemizing their Motorpool Charges.
  • Collects Motorpool revenues in a number of default Revenue Account Nos.


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