Solid Waste A/R

WinCAMS features an Accounts Receivable module specially adapted to manage Accounts Receivable and Billing for Solid Waste (S/W) operations. The module tracks S/W Clients, a history of all their Charges (Scale Tickets), Payments and Adjustments (Debit / Credit Memos).
Charges (i.e. Scale Weigh Tickets) are issues and collected at the S/W Dump Site(s) and / or Transfer Station(s) for all Account Nos that are authorized to dump materials “On Account”. In most places, scale tickets are electronically interfaced into WinCAMS (or in some instances entered manually).

The S/W A/R module provides the following functionality:
  • S/W Clients: summary Account balances; detailed audit trail of all Charges, Payments and Adjustments; and Notes.
  • S/W Charges
    • Manually entered as new Dump Scale Tickets.
    • Automatically loaded through an Interface with the Scaling software system.
  • S/W Payments
    • Manually entered as an offset to previously invoiced Tickets.
  • S/W Adjustments
    • Debit / Credit memos: adjustments and corrections to Client Balances and / or S/W Charges / Payments.
  • Invoices: mid-month billing documents that reflect Ticket activity since last Invoice.
  • Month-end Statements: (optional) ability to print summary of each A/R Account No’s monthly activity with Aged balance amounts.


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