Utilities A/R

WinCAMS features an Accounts Receivable module specially adapted to charge Water, Sewer, Lighting, etc. charges, typically for multiple Utility Districts with varying rate schedules. The module tracks Clients, a history of all their Charges (Metered and Non-Metered), Payments and Adjustments (Debit / Credit Memos).

In addition this module is interfaced with a Service Requests module for tracking of all Service Requests (i.e. Work Orders) for each Utility Account (Meter) for Hookups, Shutoffs, Leaks, Re-Reads, Meter Replacements, etc.

Utility Rate Structure is organized in multiple tiers providing maximum flexibility:
  • Districts: Districts with unique Rate Structure
  • Service Type: Water, Sewer, Lighting, Load Repayment, etc.
  • Rate Code: Duplex, or Basic Sewer Charge, or Metered Water Charge, etc. and provide default Revenue Account Nos, Amounts, and Effective Dates.
Client screens provide all pertinent information required for effective customer relations:
  • Service, Billable, and Owner Name and Addresses, Phone Nos, etc.
  • Route and Route Sequence for easy download into Meter Reader devices
  • Summary Account Balance (Charges, Payments, Adjustment summary totals)
  • Detailed Account Balance (Summary totals by Service Type)
  • Account Status History
  • Current Rates (and history of previous Rates)
  • Detail Transaction History
  • Meter Information
  • Meter Maintenance History
  • Backflow:
    • Testing History
    • Reminder Letters and Test Result: current Year
  • Meter Readings History (if metered charges are applicable)
  • Service Requests History
  • Notes and Comments
  • Directory: may be sorted by Account No, Billable Address, Service Address, District, Route, Parcel No, etc.
Utility Charges are created in multiple batches, each with their own screens, reports and value verification procedures:
  • Fixed Monthly (or Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, etc.) Charges (e.g. Sewer Charge)
  • Metered Charges: Water Charges calculated using District Water Rate schedule (e.g. tiered rates)
  • Miscellaneous Charges: generally one-time charges such as Hook-Ups, Shutoff, Reconnect, Leak Adjustments, etc.

Routes are used to manage multiple Meter Read sequences (Routes) within each District. Each Water Account has a Route Sequence No (assigned in increments of 0005). Manual inserts (new addresses) are easy (e.g. 0001) and the program provides an option to re-assign all Route Sequence Nos for a District (increments of 0005).

Metered Charges are processed using one of the following methods:
  • Manually: manual meter readings are entered using data entry screens
  • Meter Readers:
    • Route of Clients is downloaded into the Meter Reader device
    • Meter Reader travels the Route and records all Readings
    • Meter Reader device is docked and Meter Readings are uploaded into WinCAMS

Payments are processed and allocated to previous charges using defaults or user selections. Customer Deposits may be collected and tracked separate from regular payments; Deposits are typically auto-applied to the final billing statement.

Client billing statement forms are customized for each client and reflect account activity for the current billing cycle, aged account balance, payment due date, etc.

Delinquency Notices are automated and print for all Accounts that have a Balance in violation of District payment regulations. Delinquent balances can also be transferred to the County’s Tax Rolls.

Shutoff Notices are automated and, upon continued non-payment, the system can automatically create Service Requests (i.e. Work Orders) for all Shutoffs due to late payment.


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