WinCAMS – Cost Accounting Management System is an automated, modular Cost and Project Accounting System originally designed and developed for Public Works and Road Departments.

Project Accounting - Cost Distribution - Accounting System

WinCAMS consists of up to thirty-five (35) modules that are fully integrated to provide a highly-efficient cost accounting system that delivers timely and accurate information to its users in a safe and secure environment. Information is captured once (single source data entry) and all incoming data is extensively edited for accuracy and validity.

WinCAMS installed at a Public Works / Road & Bridge Department provides options to distribute all costs to any of the items listed below:
  • Activity Codes: Activity-based Cost Accounting: Costs by Activity (Task) Code
  • Projects: Project Ledger: Billing, Grants, Funding Sources
  • Roads and Routes: Maintenance History and Costs by Road (with Mileposts)
  • Bridges: Maintenance History and Costs by Bridge
  • Vehicles Nos & Repair Orders: Maintenance History and Costs by Vehicle / Repair Order
  • Service Requests: Costs of each Service Request: Billing, Tracking
    • Facilities: Track all Work Activity on Buildings and County Property
    • Roads & Bridge Operations:
      • Track Work Orders by Road and Bridge
      • Track Work Orders by Sanitary Sewer Node
      • Track Work Orders by Storm Sewer Node
      • Track Work Orders by Water Account No (Meter Address)
  • Radio Shop: Track Work Orders by Communication Asset Unit
WinCAMS, because of its adaptability and flexibility, has also been implemented at many City and County Departments other than Public Works, such as:
  • Facilities / Building Maintenance
  • Fleet Services / Garage
  • Solid Waste
  • Utilities (Water & Sewer Districts)
  • Engineering
  • Fire
  • Sheriff
  • Agriculture
  • Water Resources
  • Community Development
  • Resource Management Agency


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